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Fisola is an engineering and metalworking company, specialised in the design, development and manufacture of infrastructures/ equipment in the field of energy,
telecommunications, public lighting and railways.

The extensive know-how of its team positions Fisola as a reference partner, able to answer the most demanding challenges of quality and diversity, sustained by a commitment to safety.


TO PRODUCE new and better metallic construction
products with high quality standards, minimizing the impacts
and risks associated with the activity.



WE PRODUCE with a sustainable future in mind,
in a rational use of natural resources and energy, where more
durable goods with less impact on nature are used.


To create value with excellent services to our clients, giving them the best deadlines, the best quality available and knowledgeable technical resources.


To respect the surrounding environment, the local socio-ecological environment, guaranteeing compliance with applicable legislation and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

To increase the effectiveness of the QES management system, through periodic review of the company’s processes, policy, objectives and goals, to achieve continuous improvement and innovation.


We are certified by the standards EN 1090 (EXC3) – CE Marking of Metallic Structures, EN 40 – CE Marking of Product (Lighting columns) and ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems.